The Künz GmbH
Kuenz was founded in 1932 by Hans Kuenz who succeeded in creating a significant and successful mechanical engineering company in a very short period of time. The company started out manufacturing tower construction cranes, the focus later shifted towards manufacturing container cranes, followed by hydro power equipment. Kuenz is one of the oldest and most prestigious mechanical engineering companies in the western region of Austria.
Kuenz Core Competence
Kuenz offers first class products and services to its demanding customers. The Kuenz customer base spans includes a wide variety of industries and sectors.
All from one source
Our strength is to controlling the entire process from design, production, installation and commissioning, to after-sales support – all from one source – Kuenz.
High number of qualified engineers
We support our customers worldwide by using the following best-practice standards: innovation and competence, certified quality, utmost reliability and the excellent knowledge of our engineers, who account for more than 25% of the entire workforce.
The foundation of the Kuenz business philosophy is a continuous face-to-face dialogue with our customers. Innovation and competence combined with continuous improvement are the basis of our long-term success. We believe that thoroughly understanding the specific requirements and needs of our customers allows us to provide the right products and services.
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